miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012


As a rule surfing in the Mediterranean isn’t a place surfers with a delegated travel budget choose to venture. Europe is expensive and to lug a 6ft’ piece of fiberglass around, whilst sampling soft cheeses and swooning is likely to induce a fevered state of wallet bulimia. And generally if you’re hanging around edges of the Mediterranean you’re not sharing it with the likes of those who surf full time anyways. However if you do choose to cruise and peruse and want a little water action while doing it the winter season (September-February) and sometimes until May can bring waves, and south swells can provide 3-4 meter swells. If you’ve ever surfed in Port Phillip Bay or the wake off a large boat you know how novel it can be to surf a body of water that is traditionally flat.

Luke Cerderman headed to the small Spanish island of Mallorca smack bang in the middle. “I was staying in Mallorca (a Spanish island in the Mediterranean) with my lovely girlfriend and lucked in to a little storm swell.” Said Luke, “the waves were nothing great, but the novelty factor was there, which made it more fun than it actually was.” It’s not hard to persuade folk to holiday on the Mediterranean, but if the off chance of getting waves was what you needed, now you have them.

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